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Your secure Lincoln Investment Website account will display most of the general information for many, if not all of your investments. I have also included links to many of the other companies you may get statements from, which will have a separate login than the Lincoln site.

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If you have not signed up for website access and Electronic Delivery of your statements, please consider it. Electronic delivery of all your financial statements (Investment, Banking, Insurance, Tax, Bills, etc.) is not only good for the environment, it is good for the safety and security of your identity. According to the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection, dumpster diving (looking through your trash), and mail theft are two of the most common ways to have your identity stolen. Since researching this topic I have personally signed up to receive virtually all of my financial documents electronically. If you prefer to receive your financial documents in paper form, please consider buying and using a cross-cut paper shredder to dispose of your documents in a timely manner, and consider using a mail box with a lock or a P.O. Box.

There are many additional measures to help prevent identity theft. It may also be helpful to review this information on how long you should keep certain financial information. All of your past statements and confirmations from Lincoln Investment are stored within your online account where you can easily access them, so there is no need for you to keep paper copies, unless you prefer.

Please go to Lincoln Investment to register for account access, if you have not done so already. It is fairly self explanatory to sign up and there are additional step by step  instructions.

Below are links to take you directly to the login pages of various company websites where you may have investments and from whom you receive statements. Most of these companies also allow you to sign up for electronic delivery of financial documents.


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Lincoln Financial Group

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Nationwide Annuities

Ohio National Life

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